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Darragh  Mahoney

Honours Won:1 Junior A Football Championship, 1 Junior A Hurling Championship, 1 Junior B Hurling Championship, various school medals and underage medals
Occupation:Social care worker
Change one thing in the GAA:More 'official' steps to be taken in both hurling and football when receiving the ball. 6/7 should suffice.
Favourite sport / activity other than GAA:Soccer or basketball
Best player ever played against:Astroturf soccer with Phelim 'the goal hanger' O'Connell!!
Best player ever played with:Mark Sheehan. Epitomises dedication at club level. His attention to detail in terms of keeping himself in great shape is frigthening. Richie Ryan taught him well!
Most important skill in Hurling and Football:First touch. Once the ball/sliothar is in your hand, you're in charge and can make anything you want happen
If I had to phone a friend on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, I would callJohn Quinn
Most influential mentor/ person in the Club when I was growing up:Alan O'Regan. Never afraid to tell me I was playing shit on any given day
Best memory as a Kilshannig player:Winning the North Cork Junior Football 2014
Most dissapointing moment in your career:Being subbed off in a hurling game a few years back for Richie Ryan to take my place. It was a long drive home that night!
You may not know it, but I’m also good at:Eating loads of food
The funniest person on our team is:Denny McCarthy
Favourite music currently in the ipod /cd player:Love a bit of Coldplay
My favourite food is:Bacon, cabbage, spuds and white sauce
If there was a ‘transfer market’ who would you buy?Football - Michael Murphy, Hurling - JJ Delaney
The best invention ever:Mobile phone
Person you would most like to meet:The woman who's going to make me an honest man someday. She'd want to hurry on!!
Marooned on a desert island what could you not be without:Water

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